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  • Roof Scan Service

    Why repair the entire roof when
    only a small section requires it?

    • Moisture Damage Identification
    • Leak Locating & Verification
    • Non-destructive Testing
    • CAD Roof Drawings

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  • Building Scan Services

    Complete Infrared Inspection Reports

    • Heat Loss
    • Building Structure
    • Electrical System Inspection
    • Roof & Aerial Surveys

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  • Heat Loss and Air Leaks

    Great for quality control after new construction

    • Pressurized Envelope Methods
    • Identify Faulty Seals
    • Assess Insulation Properties
    • Detect Trapped Moisture

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  • Electrical Scan Service

    Predictive Maintenance Inspections

    • Loose Connections
    • Overloaded Circuits
    • Building & Industrial Electrical Scans
    • Hydro Utility

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  • Mechanical Scan Service

    Mechanical applications for infrared thermography are almost endless.

    • Identify Lubrication & Mis-alignment Problems
    • Missing or Damaged Refractory in Kilns & Ovens
    • Missing or Damaged Insulation
    • Thermal Heat Stress

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